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I wanted to make a post about the new Vanilla Brulee Christmas scented products that I bought from Body Shop. The other two Christmas scents did not smell so special to me so I don’t have any from those ranges. One thing that I noticed first was that all the products have slightly different scents even though they are under the same name. I’m guessing the differences are due to consistencies but as I have not researched the topic I can’t say anything definitive. Overall, the Vanilla Brulee line has a very sweet scent and people who enjoy the smell of honey will like it very much.

I had a problem with one of the products though. I got an allergic reaction from the Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm and would recommend anyone with allergies to avoid it. I’ll talk more about it later in the post.

Out of the 7 products that I bought I have 4 favourites where the scents of vanilla extract and honey are nicely balanced and neither is overpowering the other. These favourites are: Vanilla Brulee Bath Jelly, Vanilla Brulee Shower Gel, Vanilla Brulee Body & Room Spray and Vanilla Brulee Home Fragrance Oil. Below are pictures of them.

ABM_1418134688I had never before used a bath jelly so to me this product is just fascinating. It does give lots of bubbles and leaves the skin feeling soft and nicely scented. What I noticed is that when you open the bath jelly jar the smell is more on the sweet side but it seems less sweet once you run your bath with it and the notes of vanilla come through more. Very nice product, easy to use and does what it claims to do.

The Vanilla Brulee shower gel has a nice balanced scent, lathers up nicely and washes the body clean. I haven’t got so much to say about this one. It’s like all Body Shop shower gels 🙂 I have never noticed Body Shop’s shower gels doing anything special to my skin, they don’t feel moisturising as such but they do the job and leave a nice scent to the skin that disappears in 1 hour or so.

I really like of the Body Shop’s Body & Room Sprays and have had them in several scents. I like of them as little scents that linger for a few hours and then disappear. They are not perfumes or eau de toilettes so they don’t have the lasting power of hours. This Vanilla Brulee is no difference to the usual. The scent is nice and rich once you spray it and I can easily smell both the vanilla and honey (the vanilla is slightly overpowering the honey in this one though). Allergy-wise I have not had any problems with this one but I never spray it directly on my skin because my skin is sensitive.

The Vanilla Brulee Home Fragrance Oil is very nice and again the two scents are nicely balanced in it. The oil is easy to use and doesn’t seem that much different from other home fragrances apart from the scent of course.

The next item that I’d like to talk about is the Vanilla Brulee Body Polish. It’s a scrub in a tube and has very sweet scent to it. The vanilla scent is mostly overpowered by the sweetness of honey but very sweet scents seem to be common in body polish and scrubs anyway. This body polish has darker particles in it that do most of the scrubbing. I especially like of the tube as I find it easier to use in the shower than the scrubs that come in tubs (I manage to splash water into them always).


The second to last item that I want to talk about is the Vanilla Brulee Body Butter. Every time I open it I smell orchids. The scent of this one is very different from the ones mentioned before. This one has a strong floral scent as the top note and the notes of vanilla and honey you will smell later after the butter has been on your skin for a while. I have one problem with this product and that is their claim of 24 hours hydration to all skin types. It does not live up to that claim. My dry and sensitive skin can get moisture out of this for maybe 5 hours and then it has all been either rubbed off to my clothes, sheets or just disappeared. Otherwise this body butter is like Body Shop’s body butters usually; thick, buttery and the scent lingers for surprisingly long. I like of Body Shop body butters and find only the claim unappealing. If you are looking for a miracle moisturiser that keeps moisturising for 12 hours or more then this is not the product. But if you are looking for a nice smelling body butter to enjoy after shower then this is your jar.


The last product that I bought from this product line is the Vanilla Brulee Lip Balm. I don’t have much nice things to say about the lip balm and I normally really like Body Shop’s lip balms. The tin is nice. The first thing that is off with this product is the scent, it is nothing like the other products that I’ve talked about above. This one smells kinda bad and like plastic. Nonetheless I tried to use it and believe me that it tastes just as it smells so licking my lips was a mistake. It’s not that moisturising either. I absolutely love strawberry one they have as it smells nice and moisturises. The worst part for me was that after I licked my lips I begun to have the choking feeling in my throat. I have no food allergies as I’m only allergic to some pollen and animals. I had such a bad allergic reaction to this lip balm that I needed to take both asthma and allergy medication to stop the choking reaction and was left with the allergic cough for an hour until the pill fully kicked in.

So yeah, don’t buy the lip balm. It’s not nice and in worst case you just get sick from it. Something is utterly wrong with the formulation of it and I cannot recommend the product for anyone. Below is a pic of the culprit.


To wrap up this mile long post, I really liked of the products except the lip balm. I would definitely repurchase the Bath Jelly and Body & Room Spray. The others I might buy again but I have not decided yet. I would recommend all of the products, aside from lip balm, to people who enjoy sweet scents and want to use bath/ shower products that kind of “smother” them in the sweet scent.

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