Teddy bear chewable vegan vitamin


Today’s post is about a chewable vegan vitamin and omega 3 supplement that is shaped like the teddy bear gummy candies. These are not gummy candies though. They are jelly candy supplements that have been made without animal based gelatin. These teddy bears contain vitamins A, C, D, E B3, B5, B6 and B12 and omega 3.

In my opinion they taste like any generic orange flavoured candy and are nice and chewy to eat. I did enjoy taking them in the mornings after my breakfast and think that these would be a great way to have even picky children take their vitamins. Unfortunately I can’t comment on how effective these vitamin teddy bears are but what I can say is that I did not notice any difference between taking these and taking the usual pill type vitamins so to me they appear to be just as good.

The plastic teddy bear packaging is a cheap looking and feeling but I don’t mind that as I wanted to try these out of curiosity. I have already decided on how I’ll re-purpose the container 🙂 The teddy bear’s head attaches to the body quite firmly which is a plus as you are supposed to eat only 1 or 2 a day depending on your age (I think children would want to eat them all due to the good taste). You can see in the first picture that the important information is printed on the cap and I would recommend writing the opening date on it too as these are good to use only for 3 months from opening.

All in all, I liked of the jellies and think it’s a product that is worth it’s value even though my teddy has some problems with his eye 😀 I bought mine from Holland and Barrett in the UK and was smart enough to buy them when they were half-priced. The normal price of them is higher than those vitamin pills but still cheaper than the ones sold at Boots.


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