Benefit’s Feelin’ Dandy lip and cheek kit


Today I wanted to talk about the Benefit’s Feelin’ Dandy kit as I bought it from Boots and thought that maybe someone would like to give it as a Christmas gift. I have had mine for about two weeks now and have used all of the items in it and can give my honest opinions of them.


The kit comes with a 4 mL Posietint, 4 mL Highbeam, 3 g Dandelion powder, tiny blush brush and 6.5 mL Ultra Plush Dandelion lipgloss. The kit cost me £25.5 when I bought and I consider it to be of good value because the items seem to last a long time in my use. I mean that you only need to use a very small amount of Highbeam to highlight your face and  the same with Posietint as it gives a sheer glow to the lips and cheeks (not a full on pinky colour). Dandelion powder I mostly use as highlighter or a blush topper as it has almost no colour to it. The Ultra Plush Dandelion lipgloss is  sheer and slightly coral-ish glittery lipgloss. In my experience the colour of the lipgloss does not show up so it can be used like any other glittery lipgloss. It doesn’t have a noticeable scent and it’s not sticky much (I don’t really notice the stickiness when I use it). See swatches below for better reference. Continue reading