Hello Kitty coin purse


I wanted to share my cute coin purse with you, my reader. I found this in Myeong-dong in Seoul, South Korea when I was there last year. I think it was around 11 000 KRW which is about £6.7 or 9.4€. I thought it was an OK price because these silicone coin purses last a long time. As you can see from the photo it hasn’t gotten dirty yet even though it lived in my bag for a long time. Right now I’m storing my left over coins there (one’s that I can’t use here where I live now).

My advice is that if you are in Seoul and can pop into Myeong-dong that you keep your eyes open for stuff that interest you because that place is huge and filled with shops to the brim. Oh and don’t buy stuff from the first shop you see because some stores are expensive and you might get lucky and find the same items with cheaper price later. Hmm, and another advice is to buy your shoes from Dongdaemun as they have better prices (unless you really want Adidas branded shoes).

Ah, today I’m rambling a lot 🙂

hello_kitty3 hello_kitty2

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