Chocolate bar mirror

ABM_1418122477I wanted to share this cute chocolate bar mirror that I bought from the big Daiso in Myeong-dong in Seoul in South Korea. It’s cheap and small but oh so cute 😀 I paid like 2 000 KRW for it which is around 2USD/ 1.5€ / £1.1. It is surprisingly sturdy and the mirror isn’t warped much. This normally lives in my purse organisers so that I can always check on my make up.

Since there isn’t much to talk about the actual mirror, I thought that maybe you’d like to know a bit more about Daiso. I can’t really explain well where this Daiso that I visited in Myeong-dong is because I went there only once (i mean went to the Daiso only once) but if you spend a bit more time wondering the things in the area you will not be able to miss it. It has stairs down from the street level and has pretty good selection of stuff available. There is a nice little Daiso in Hoegi opposite of the subway station (might have visited that quite often).

Anyway, what is Daiso? Daiso is a Japanese store chain that is available in several countries. Daisos mostly sell every day goods and lots of plastic or rubber items. You can find tissues, mugs, cups, spoons, slippers, cleaning agents, mirrors, combs, highlighter pens, fake flowers and lots of other things from there. Usually the items have good prices and I personally didn’t feel the need to find cheaper stores. Most of the things Daiso sells are very cute and handy, like they don’t have awkward to use items.

I recommend checking Daisos if you visit or live in countries where they have them.

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