Benefit’s Feelin’ Dandy lip and cheek kit


Today I wanted to talk about the Benefit’s Feelin’ Dandy kit as I bought it from Boots and thought that maybe someone would like to give it as a Christmas gift. I have had mine for about two weeks now and have used all of the items in it and can give my honest opinions of them.


The kit comes with a 4 mL Posietint, 4 mL Highbeam, 3 g Dandelion powder, tiny blush brush and 6.5 mL Ultra Plush Dandelion lipgloss. The kit cost me £25.5 when I bought and I consider it to be of good value because the items seem to last a long time in my use. I mean that you only need to use a very small amount of Highbeam to highlight your face and  the same with Posietint as it gives a sheer glow to the lips and cheeks (not a full on pinky colour). Dandelion powder I mostly use as highlighter or a blush topper as it has almost no colour to it. The Ultra Plush Dandelion lipgloss is  sheer and slightly coral-ish glittery lipgloss. In my experience the colour of the lipgloss does not show up so it can be used like any other glittery lipgloss. It doesn’t have a noticeable scent and it’s not sticky much (I don’t really notice the stickiness when I use it). See swatches below for better reference.


First swatch is Ultra Plush Dandelion lipgloss, second is the Dandelion powder, third is Highbeam and last one is Posietint.

As you can see from the swatches the lipgloss is more coral coloured in high concentration. I sheered it out downwards and the colour disappears mostly. The Dandelion powder swatch is pretty much unnoticeable except for the slight redness on the hand, I really packed it on and that is the most colour I could get out of it. Unfortunately the camera didn’t pick up the shimmer in the powder but it is pretty subtle unless you put too much on your face. The Highbeam is really pearly and glittery highlighter and I got that high coverage of it with a tiny amount. My opinion is that it’s almost too easy to turn your face into a glitter ball with this highlighter 😀 The last swatch is Posietint and you can see how it stained my hand already. I tried to sheer it out a bit from the “glob” that I initially got. It will be nicely sheer on lips and give the “your lips but better “look. When applied to careful of the “glob” stain as it happens in one minute or less. I don’t recommend drawing lines or dots to your face with the applicator but to apply some to your fingertip and then apply to the cheeks.

The brush that comes with the packaging is good but I have not used mine much as it takes in a lot of product but doesn’t deposit on the face. I feel that my other brushes do a better job but have kept this one due to it being handy size for travelling (case of the “maybe I’ll use it one day”).

A few other things to mention of the kit. It comes with a mirror and  instructions booklet that is folded on top of the mirror so if you have never used similar products before this kit gives you tips and shows pictures of how Benefit recommends you to use the items. The only downside is how the Dandelion powder is sitting the kit. It isn’t easily portable as there is no lid to it. You can pull out the middle bit where the powder and brush are but nothing will cover them if you take them out. To make the powder more suitable for travelling would be to break the cardboard of the pan and put it into a Z palette.

I think all the items are usable and great for lighter skin tones. I can’t imagine Highbeam looking good on a darker skin colour as it is silvery-pearly colour and most likely would look ashy. The rest of the items..I don’t think they would show up on darker skin in a way that would justify buying them.

All in all, I think this is a nice kit and especially suitable for beginners as you can play with the products and find your own way of using them. I think all of the items are good quality, have not caused any irritation or allergic reactions on me (I have sensitive skin and a few allergies) and the sizes you get are pretty good (Benefit does have another sample size which is 1 or 2 mL). The packaging is really cute which is a plus in my opinion.


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